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Santa's mail

On the eve of the New Year, TriPlan presents  amazing performance  - New Year's installation  Santa's Mail.


Enough to drop in the box  letter* like  the equipped area around the box will be transformed. The unique WOW Santa Claus Mail will make it clear to the sender
that the letter is received and wish you a Happy New Year.


*Postcards for letters are included in the installation kit.

From time to time, the installation pauses in sending letters and launches a general multimedia series, congratulating everyone around on the approaching or coming New Year. Wishing everyone happiness and health.

Special offer!
We create a video photo zone Santa Claus Mail in your interior. Delight your guests with a unique automated multimedia installation. Give your dear friends, guests, colleagues the opportunity to send a postal New Year's card and enjoy the visual effects. Our projectors work even on Matinees!!!! The day is not a hindrance to the holiday, but let's make the Evening Holiday brighter!

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