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Antibacterial T-shirt

Communication  Group  TriPlan together with the company  LAVLAN
(manufacturer of technological clothing)  represent an innovative development -  ANTIBACTERIAL T-SHIRT


  • Neutralizes harmful substances formed on the body when worn;

  • Prevents bacteriostasis (reproduction  harmful bacteria, especially bacteria  Candida albicans, lebsiella pneumobacillus, Staphylococcus aureus);

  • Deodorizes the body and prevents  sweat odor;

  • It is hygroscopic (absorbs and  wicks excess moisture away for comfortable wearing  during the day);

  • Has excellent breathability;

  • Incredibly soft and tactile fabric  suitable even for very sensitive skin.


Application area:

  • Basic daily use as  garment and how  Underwear;

  • production staff and  warehouses 
    (bottom or main layer)

  • medical staff 
    (bottom layer)

Fabric structure:

Long-staple  cotton 43%,
bamboo fiber 43%, spandex
  8.5% nylon with built-in  silver 5.5%.

Color palette:

Natural, Beige,  Pink,
Navy blue,
  Purple, Dark blue  graphite.

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