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In 2018, a collaboration was created between the TRIPLAN Communication Group and the CET-group Company.


The group united several areas:

  • Implementation of infrastructure projects using modern interactive technologies;

  • Creation of a comfortable and safe environment for cities and towns;

  • Image advertising projects; 

  • Automedia sphere;

  • Route navigation.


Activities of CET-group:

Comfortable environment

Investing in a comfortable environment, infrastructure and landscaping allows attracting new investments, increasing the share of small and medium-sized businesses, and also helps to stop the outflow of the population.

Improvement of squares, parks and cities

A team of professional architects and designers will create a project that will be interesting and convenient for all age groups. At the design stage, options for maintaining the territory are discussed, including reducing pollution of all affected areas through an innovative calculation method (POST-realization) and the use of accumulated experience.

Persons involved in the development of the city improvement project: City Administration, Expert community, Citizens.

Improvement stages:

  • Development of a standard for the improvement of the city, taking into account its features

  • City research (history, significant events, opinion of residents, etc.)

  • Development of the concept of urban improvement

  • Approval and approval of the concept for improvement

  • Development of a draft design

  • Design

  • Manufacturing

  • Implementation

Elements of a comfortable environment

Public spaces, parks should be unique.  This creates the effect of the uniqueness of the area / city.

Architectural lighting and street lighting

The design team will create lamps and lighting of an unusual shape, and will build a safety and activity system for pedestrians into the lighting masts.

ART OBJECTS and centers of attraction

Each district of the city must have at least one unique point - this point must be the center of attraction for citizens, businesses, and facilitate the holding of events of the district and city scale.

Original playgrounds

Kids love challenging slides. Only creative and unusual playgrounds will allow our little residents to have a bright and safe time on the street. And interactive sandboxes will be interesting not only for kids, but also for their moms and dads.

Spaces for exhibitions and museums

Any organization of an exhibition or a museum aims to interest the visitor.
We focus on those who love the technological presentation of the material.

  • Curved LED panels

  • interactive

  • Spot original stands

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