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3D mapping show is an amazing visual illusion, unusual colors and elegant music. Technologies allow us to create a 3D model of the object on which it is planned to carry out the projection, after that the "corrected" 3D-image projected on the real object that gives the illusion that the object is changing. As the result we have a magnificent, breathtaking installation, which is for sure will be  remembered by all who saw this show for a long time.

3D mapping creates limitless possibilities for creativity on absolutely any surface. Moreover, recently 3D mapping is increasingly becoming the "highlight of the program" on major corporate events, city festivals, shopping mall openings, cultural and historical sites.

Content for each event is created by an individual project that aims to emphasize the most profitable side of the product or to support the necessary theme of the event.


• building

• vehicles

• decoration of the events stage

• part of the exhibition stand



• presentation of new products

• exhibitions

• building branding

• decoration of city activities

• promotional tours


Full range of services:

• development of the project of a building or of the object

• scenario writing and creating video installation

• installation of projection equipment and conducting activities

If you have any questions or requests please use the form below. You can also contact us by tel.number: +7 (495) 605 26 73

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