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3D CamCarpets

Do you want to increase the impact of your sport advertising? 

Put your logo in the center with our 3D CamCarpets!

​3D CamCarpets technology deforms the logo the way it shows voluminous while you look at it through the central camera. After printing such logo on the special material, you will get camcarpet. You can have variants – chromo logo, picture or gradient.

​Camcarpet can be placed on the different fields – natural grass, indoor pitches, cinder path – with any weather without picture and color deformation.

Guaranteed service life for each camcarpet is one year.

3D CamStickers should be used for volleyball, handball, basketball, sport ballroom dancing. For the hard floor covering we use the same technology but printed on the special non-slip and easy  removing stickers.

We can use CamCarpets technology in big spaces decoration if you have a stable point for the visitors to stand and have a look.


3D SportSigns Company is a worldwide inventor and legal owner of this 3D CamCarpet technology.

TRIPLAN Communication Group is an exclusive representative of 3D SportSigns Company in Russia and CIS countries.


Besides production we can do the full service for 3D CamCarpets:

  • installation before the game,

  • correction if necessary, during the break,

  • dismantling after the game,

  • storing in an off-season.

If you have any questions or you decide to place an order, leave your request in the order form or contact our managers

by tel. +7 (495) 605 26 73.

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