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TriPlan Communications Group was established in 1999 and provides a full range of services for partners and clients based on modern multimedia and communication technologies.



  • VR/AR

  • 3d mapping show

  • Content Creation

  • Equipment rent

  • System integration

  • augmented reality

  • Festive decoration

  • Organization of major events

  • Organization of city holidays

  • Temporary and permanent installations

  • Ensuring a full cycle of advertising services

  • Promotional 3D carpets for sports events



•Exclusive distributor of promotional 3D carpets from 3D Signs

Organizer of 3D mapping show at the annual holiday of St. Petersburg school graduates "Scarlet Sails", 2015​​

• "EVENTS 2014" nominee in the category of the best multimedia video 3D mapping show "Join in"

•Organizer of the 3D mapping show “Join in” at the Iceberg Sports Palace in Sochi, February 2014

•Prize "Brand of the Year EFFIE 2012" in the category "Entertainment Industry"

•Prize "EVENT OF THE YEAR" in the award "EVENT 2012" for "Circle of Light 2012" - GRAND PRIX

•Prize "Urban event of the YEAR" in the award "EVENT 2012" for "Circle of Light 2012"

•Prize "Brand of the Year EFFIE 2011" in the category "Entertainment Industry"

• Prize "Festival of the Year" in the award "EVENT 2011" for "Circle of Light 2011"

•Co-organizer of the Moscow International Festival "Circle of Light 2011/2012"

•Winner of the competition "Advertising design of Russia" (2008), nomination "creative", Brand Tri-Plan

•Winner of the 4th International competition of outdoor advertising "Sign" - "Decoration of the facade of a trade enterprise" (2006)

•Creator of Russia's first Lowrider Car (dancing show car)

•Night Life Awards winner for Go-Play show, Ballantine's brand, 2004

•Organizer of the annual bike festival "MOTOYAROSLAVETS" (over 200,000 spectators)

• Author of BTL-technologies for promotion of high-quality premium segment products, 2004

•Holder of a patent for a utility model of the mechanism of promotions, 2003

•Co-organizer of the Formula of Success Festival, Independent Media (more than 200,000 viewers)

•Co-organizer of a series of exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg "COSMO-show", Independent Media (over 300,000 viewers)

•Co-organizer of the First Russian tour of the photo exhibition PLAYBOY 2001 (over 300,000 spectators)

• Winner of multiple awards and honorary diplomas from the Government of Moscow "For organizing and holding a series of international tournaments in sports ballroom dancing in Moscow"


  • Стенд Самарской области -- один из самых технологичных на выставке "Россия"

  • Губернатор Самарской области на стенде выставки "Россия"

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