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We can only speculate about where the development of virtual reality will lead. But one thing we know for sure: virtual reality is a step into the future, a step into the unknown. And the further a person penetrates into the unknown, the more new opportunities he discovers for himself.

Our mission is to develop virtual reality and expand the horizons of its application. We believe that the popularization of VR technologies will bring human perception to a new level and will allow many amazing discoveries to be made in the future.



We want to learn how to apply virtual reality technologies in various fields of science. After all, it is already obvious that VR will significantly affect research in medicine, psychology, zoology and many other sciences that have yet to be determined. Our goal in this direction is, jointly with the scientific community, to create convenient tools for research.

In addition to science, virtual reality opens up new opportunities in education. From reenactments of historical battles to visual aids on the use of certain devices, the scope of VR here is so wide that it will take years to define all areas. With the help of virtual reality, we aim to improve the efficiency of many existing educational processes. At the same time, most importantly, we see the prospect of creating a mass of innovative teaching methods.

Obviously, VR is a real breakthrough in the field of promotion and advertising. Here is a 360-degree video, and exhibition stands,  and virtual showrooms. This list can take up to a dozen pages in a couple of years, and those companies that start using these technologies now will have a tangible advantage over their competitors. Our goal is to create ready-made integrated solutions that will include unique content for each corporate client.



Looking beyond the horizon

Virtual reality is a new round of human development, a new sphere of life, a new branch of business.

We do not know how to look into the future, but we can see through the lenses of VR-JET glasses. And when we do this, we feel that we could use VR gloves, VR boots, a VR vest, as well as wind in the face, raindrops on clothes and other such real, virtual attributes.

Perhaps the world is on the verge of transition to a completely new system of perception, to a new reality.  VR-JET is a bridge across the abyss of the unknown that separates us from the new world.



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