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home video studio




complete video studio at home

A studio where you can record different types of videos: live videos using chroma key, training videos, screencasts, webinars and many others.


Studio features:

  • Video filming reportage and studio. Record sound to an external microphone. Choice of video recording format and resolution;

  • Video shooting with a chroma key background to replace the green field with a background image (video, animation, static picture) when editing;

  • Movie making, video editing;

  • Creation of cartoons, animation materials.

Included in the home video studio:

  • Full HD video camera with microphone input, headphone output, monitor output;

  • Video camera accessories (additional battery, memory card, tripod, case);

  • Wired microphone, headphones;

  • Full HD webcam and tripod;

  • Foldable chroma key background;

  • Lighting equipment (LED devices and tripods for them);

  • Monitor for connecting to a computer or video camera;

  • Necessary switching equipment;

  • Portable storage;

  • Station for video editing based on Mac OS.


By special order - a second video camera and accessories for it, an external hard drive, additional lighting fixtures and more. Usage advice.

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